VINTAGE NAVAJO Row Bracelet 7 Gem Grade Bisbee Turquoise Stones Sterling Silver

VINTAGE NAVAJO Row Bracelet 7 Gem Grade Bisbee Turquoise Stones Sterling Silver
VINTAGE NAVAJO Row Bracelet 7 Gem Grade Bisbee Turquoise Stones Sterling Silver
VINTAGE NAVAJO Row Bracelet 7 Gem Grade Bisbee Turquoise Stones Sterling Silver
VINTAGE NAVAJO Row Bracelet 7 Gem Grade Bisbee Turquoise Stones Sterling Silver

VINTAGE NAVAJO Row Bracelet 7 Gem Grade Bisbee Turquoise Stones Sterling Silver
VINTAGE NAVAJO Row Bracelet 7 Gem Grade Bisbee Turquoise Stones Sterling Silver. Interested in more than one item? Most of our items are Unique One-of-a-Kind and subject to availability. So we do not disappoint you with a possible out of stock item.

We had 3 very similar Bracelets all were from a set and were AWESOME, This is the last one and it is the very best. Don't wait we sell more Vintage Jewelry than any other Jewelry Because it is getting harder to find they stopped making it 80+ years ago!

Vintage jewelry is a great way to own a small piece of history. Featuring more traditional techniques and a dark silver patina, vintage jewelry is very collectible.

The age of our vintage jewelry usually ranges from the 1920's to 1970's, though some pieces may be older or newer. Prior to the 1960's, artists rarely signed their jewelry- therefore most vintage pieces are unattributed unless the original owner kept records. Most of our vintage jewelry is acquired from private collections and we feel honored to pass on these treasured pieces to new owners. We recommend leaving the patina on old jewelry, as polishing can diminish the value.

This is a Fred Harvey Era Gem Grade Bisbee Turquoise Cuff/Bracelet, Circa 1930's. This vintage bracelet is a classic from days long gone it has 7 really beautiful high quality Arizona Bisbee Turquoise Gem Stones. This vintage, "tourist-style" bracelet has become very collectible recently, and this one is in excellent condition, with no damage or problems and a nice patina from age. It is set with 7 Incredible all natural high Grade Arizona Bisbee Turquoise cabochons, and it is also sturdy, which is not always the case with this type of cuff.

A vintage Navajo row bracelet of sterling silver set with 7 oval matched Gem. Cabs has just the right amount of heft. Decorated with stampwork, rope work and silver beads, the top and bottom of the cuff are scalloped for extra appeal. The cuff measures 5 1/2" inside with 1 1/8" opening. Bisbee Turquoise is one of the most beautiful types of Turquoise that has ever been taken out of the ground in North America. Its striking true blue color ranges are spectacular and the chocolate matrix that the Turquoise is found in, extenuates its beauty. Bisbee Turquoise is some of the finest Arizona Turquoise and there is no Turquoise on earth that is comparable to Bisbee Turquoise, as it has its own unusual characteristics that are unique only to itself. The Bisbee Mine was originally founded in the mid 1870's and by 1975 when it was closed had become the largest and richest mine the world has ever known.

Taking out over 8,000,000,000 pounds of copper the mine was given the name "The Copper Queen". The Bisbee Mine also produced nearly 3,000,000 ounces of Gold, 77,000,000 ounces of Silver and billions of pounds of lead and zinc!

The Bisbee Mine also produced a variety of outstanding minerals including Malichite, Azurite and of course Turquoise that are by products of the metals and minerals that are native to this Mine. However, mining at Bisbee did not include mining for gemstones, any Turquoise or other gemstone materials were discarded by the mining companies and prohibited to be taken out by the minors due to liability reasons.

In the late 1950's, a deposit of Turquoise was found in the Lavendar Pit region of the Bisbee Mine. Most of this Turquoise was hauled off to an area where they dumped their waste and over burdens from the mining project. Individual Minors recognized the beauty of the Bisbee Turquoise and would sneak small amounts of the Turquoise out in their lunch boxes and/or whatever other means they could muster. It was not long after Bisbee Turquoise was discovered in the Mine that it was introduced to the Southwestern Jewelry Industry. By the early 1960's, Bisbee Turquoise had become the finest Turquoise the market had ever seen and demand for it went through the roof.

In 1972, the one and only lease ever given to work the dumps from the Lavendar Pitt was awarded to Mr. Robert Matthews of Durango, Colorado.

Bob and his associates worked the dumps hard for approximately two years to recover less than 2,000 pounds of good to excellent quality Bisbee Turquoise. Due to mining restrictions and the cost of recovering the Bisbee Turquoise from the dumps, mining slowed down and ended by 1980. Only small amounts of Bisbee Turquoise have surfaced since and this has been from Mine Robbers that sneak into the guarded Mine late at night to hunt for bits and pieces of this fine mineral, Bisbee Turquoise! There is very little True Bisbee Turquoise available today and due to its rarity and exceptional beauty it is very valuable, and Bisbee Turquoise remains nearly as rare as hens teeth!

Best ways to measure your wrist for a cuff: you can use a cloth tape measure, a ΒΌ strip of paper or a cord to accurately measure your wrist. Wrap around your wrist, mark it & measure the length against a ruler, that's your exact size. Thanks for looking and be sure to check out my store for more selections of authentic Native American jewelry and artifacts! If you like our products, please add me to your. List or consider subscribing to our.

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International Buyers are willkommen, bienvenue. We fell in love with Native American jewelry many years ago and really appreciate the true craftsmanship that goes into the making of a piece of genuine Native American jewelry art! That is why we chose to partner up with some of the oldest and most reputable Trading Posts in the Southwest who deal directly with the Native American artisans to bring you a large selection of authentic Native American products. These artisans come from the Navajo, Zuni, Hopi and affiliate tribes on the reservations all of which our close to our home and office, so you can be assured that all our Native American products are authentic!

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VINTAGE NAVAJO Row Bracelet 7 Gem Grade Bisbee Turquoise Stones Sterling Silver